Signs Your Retail Store Needs a Renovation

Author: James Adkins
Retail Store Renovation

To grow your retail business consistently, you should dedicatedly maintain your store. If your commercial property is not in perfect shape, it creates a poor impression on visitors because of which you may lose customers.

Unfortunately, your commercial property won’t look like it does now forever. However, renovation can enhance your property as and when required.

If you want your property always to look its best, you must renovate it periodically. So how do you understand when it’s the right time to remodel your property?

Here are the signs that indicate the requirement for a renovation.

Reduced Walk-in Traffic

Frequent upgrades are required to hold the attention of current customers and attract new ones to your commercial property. A sudden or significant fall in walk-in traffic may be because of the deteriorating visual appeal of your commercial space. Many people don’t trust brands whose physical shops/offices don’t match the personality of their brand, and if they aren’t well maintained..

Enhancing your storefront can help attract more customers’ attention which grows your business. Installing new light fixtures and applying a fresh coat of paint can brighten up the entire space. Such upgrades will surely impress whoever visits your retail space.

Negative Reviews

People can post poor reviews about your commercial property whenever they want. Can you see a consistent increase in negative thoughts about your business? There may be something wrong with your store design and infrastructure. A cramped floor layout can cause negative feelings in your customers minds, and many may never return to your store again. If you open your floor plan, it improves natural light flow and visibility, which helps to impress your customers. The more customers you impress, the more you can grow your business.

Your Competitors Get More Customers

The competition is also growing with an increase in the number of retail stores. Thus, you need to stand out in order to beat your competition. Your competitors may get more customer attention because of their visually appealing stores. So, stay updated and implement the latest retail trends and competitors’ stores’ designs to accommodate and impress maximum customers.

Decreased Energy Efficiency

When you see that your retail store’s efficiency has decreased significantly, you should upgrade your commercial property. Try the things below to renovate your retail store while maintaining eco-efficiency:

  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs
  • Reuse the incoming packages and boxes to deliver shipments and orders
  • Avoid extra packaging
  • Email receipts rather than printed versions
  • Avoid single-use products
  • Sell products with similar objectives to eco-efficiency and sustainability


Energy efficiency is good for our planet, saving electricity bills and increasing your profits. With an energy-efficient store, you can promote your business to new demographics—like to millennials. They prioritize sustainability and a brand’s dedicated eco-friendly approach over pricing. Thus, you should build your commercial space in such a way that promotes energy efficiency to show people your concern regarding environmental health.

If you can see any of the above signs in your property, it’s probably time to renovate your retail store at the earliest. Adkins Building & Construction can help renovate your commercial property in Manatee County, FL. Fill out the form on our website to book a free on-site design consultation now.


James Adkins

22 years in commercial, industrial, and residential construction roles solving a broad array of building, construction and real time application challenges.

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