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Building in coastal areas requires an elevated commitment to structural integrity, logistics and attention to detail. There are many aspects of building in a flood zone and/or a high velocity wind zone which have laws and regulations involved which simply don’t exist on non-waterfront or non-high velocity wind zone locations. Moreover, the Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) may dictate where and how a waterfront structure may or may not be built. The CCCL also mandates state level involvement in the building permitting process rather than local city or county building department authorities and is more often than not more restrictive than regulations applied to other areas in the coastal building zone.

When building in coastal geography there also may also be a need for a higher degree of logistical effort to transport labor and materials to and from the job site. In certain instances, coastal communities have limited road access, or may be without access roads at all, and labor and materials must be transported by ferry or barge, in some cases utilizing a crane to on-load and offload material from the dock to the barge and then from the barge to the building site. Understandably, this creates added expense and requires an elevated logistical effort to ensure the transportation process is scheduled and completed as efficiently as possible. 

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Environmental restrictions, guidelines and law also come into play when building in a coastal community. Wetlands, submerged lands and other sensitive areas which exist in most coastal communities must be protected during the construction process to ensure not only compliance with local, state and federal regulations but also to ensure the continued protection of our natural environment.

Complying with these regulations and taking the added measures to protect sensitive areas within our coastal communities adds another layer of effort, logistics and cost to the coastal construction process. The builder may be required (or choose) to utilize such silt retention systems as sand bags, silt fencing, sediment filter bags or silt dykes to control run-off and/or erosion which can degrade the surrounding environment.

Overall, building in coastal areas is challenging and requires a specialized set of experiences and skills to accomplish on time and on budget. Adkins Building & Construction has these experiences and our skills are proven. We complete construction projects in and around many coastal communities along the west coast of Florida both on-time and on-budget.

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Based on local regulations, your home’s location and build, your budget, and several other factors, our team can help you determine which floodproofing option is best for your property.


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To prevent floodwaters from entering a dry flood-proofed structure, it must be watertight below the flood level. To make the structure watertight, you need to seal the walls with impermeable membranes or waterproof coatings. You must also install watertight shields on openings and fitting measures to prevent sewer backup.


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Wet flood-proofing is a method that reduces flooding damage in three ways. First, it allows floodwaters to enter and exit structures to minimize structural damage. It also makes it possible to use flood-resistant materials and raise important utilities. Dry flood-proofing, on the other hand, is the process of making a building waterproof or substantially impermeable against floodwaters to the required flood height.

Coastal Construction Technology

We use the latest in Dry Floodproofing Technology to Keep Your Florida Home Safe.

Coastal Construction Technology
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Dry Floodproofing Technology

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