Existing Home Renovation vs. New Construction: Making the Right Choice

Author: James Adkins
Home Renovation

New construction homes offer numerous advantages. Beyond being able to select everything from 18×18″ ceramic tile and neutral walls to creating the space that fits their lifestyle perfectly, new home construction allows buyers to design an area tailored specifically for themselves without incurring costly upgrades and repairs.

If you’re considering building your dream home, it is crucial that you conduct adequate research on potential builders. Working with an agent who specializes in new construction and remodeling will also prove useful as they can assist in finding you a suitable builder and guide the process along.

As part of your considerations when buying a new construction home, remember to bear in mind the time frame involved with its completion and any amenities such as grocery stores or gas stations opening in your desired neighborhood. However, with patience and time on your side, new home construction can make for great investments, especially in desirable locations.

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Home Builders: Crafting Your Vision

Home Builders in Bradenton, FL, offer homebuyers an exciting opportunity to build something completely unique, which may appeal to some buyers. Benefits may include being able to select energy-efficient features, having a modern floor plan, and no wear-and-tear left from previous occupants.

The location should also be taken into account when considering new home construction in Bradenton, FL, with some buyers prioritizing living closer to amenities, like restaurants and stores, over living farther out. When researching potential neighborhoods for new home construction, inquire into how the homeowner’s association (HOA) handles management – this can have an effect on monthly fees as well as the potential resale value of homes in that neighborhood.

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1. The Appeal of New Home Construction

New construction offers buyers a chance to start over in their lives. No longer must they endure previous owners’ tattered possessions when entering their new home; buyers can quickly feel at home. Plus, modern designs incorporate the latest safety regulations and energy-saving features, which could save them money on utility costs.

New construction homes tend to come at a higher initial price compared to pre-owned remodel construction properties, and since builders set prices based on comparable home sales, you may need to negotiate for your ideal price. Once again, upgrades and landscaping costs must also be factored in. Therefore, it’s essential to find a real estate agent experienced with new construction to assist you through this process and uncover any issues that arise after moving in – it is also highly advisable to have an independent home inspector review your new house thoroughly prior to moving in.

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2. Customization at Its Best

If you have specific design elements in mind that can’t be achieved through renovation, building new is the way to go. From wide-open floor plans and upgraded kitchens with soft-close cabinets, new construction homes offer you endless opportunities for customization.

Energy costs could decrease significantly with new, energy-efficient appliances and home systems, along with enhanced insulation and windows. New homes may include “smart” technology options for automating internet, cable TV, speakers, or alarm systems, while low or zero-VOC paints improve indoor air quality.

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Renovation vs. New Construction: Weighing the Pros and Cons

modern house kitchen and dining room

New construction can be an attractive choice for homebuyers in hot housing markets where preexisting homes may be harder to come by at an affordable price. Not only can brand-new structures come equipped with no worn parts that need replacement, but they can also meet all current code requirements while including energy-efficient appliances and fixtures.

On the downside, many new developments or subdivisions come with homeowners association fees that could add a layer of expense to your monthly expenses. Work with your real estate agent and builder to explore what comes included with your purchase and inquire as to any fees they might incur during construction.

Adkins Building and Construction warns that renovating an existing property may mean losing many of its original features, such as intricate brickwork, stone columns, ornate woodwork, and artistic elements, which would be difficult and costly to replicate in a new structure. Furthermore, renovation building may require moving out temporarily during renovation work – which should also be kept in mind during any potential renovation plans.

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1. Renovation: Giving Life to Existing Homes

Home renovation can be an excellent way to increase the value of your existing property and increase comfort while simultaneously making it more energy efficient. From adding a home theater or restructuring the layout by taking down walls to installing heated floor systems, construction for renovation offers numerous solutions that can increase comfort while making energy savings possible.

However, one major drawback of remodel construction is the cost. While tax credits for homeowners may help mitigate some of this cost, you are paying up front for something that should pay dividends down the line; kitchen and bathroom remodels typically return 70%-75% in equity when selling the house. At some point in time, a renovation will likely become necessary again in your current home, with trends changing every five to ten years and your kitchen possibly becoming outdated over time.

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2. Is it cheaper to build a new house or remodel an old one?

Finding an existing home that exudes curb appeal may be less costly than purchasing new, particularly older properties with features like marble window sills, solid-core doors, and arched doorways that add character and increase its resale value. Many buyers appreciate such details that can add charm while increasing the resale value of the property.

However, it’s essential to remember that construction renovation upgrades and maintenance costs will arise later on. Your kitchen may require new appliances or painting; your HVAC system could need replacement; these expenses could devastate your budget, so ensure you consider this before purchasing an existing home.

One factor to keep in mind when purchasing new construction homes is their location – most new builds are usually constructed further away from city centers and neighborhoods, which could limit your access to services, shopping, and restaurants. HOA fees can also add significant costs; your real estate agent can assist in calculating these expenses so that you have a clearer picture of what awaits you in either scenario.

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Conclusion: Finding Your Home Sweet Home

New construction and remodeling both have their unique appeal. New construction offers a fresh start with the latest building technologies, energy-efficient features, and modern designs. For those who appreciate the character and charm of older homes, renovation can be a way to embrace the past while incorporating modern comforts. The choice ultimately depends on your vision, budget, and how you envision your ideal home.

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