Cheap and Easy Projects to Upgrade Your Home

Author: James Adkins

Do you want to make your home look nicer but don’t have the budget or time to commit to massive projects? 

Choose one of these simple and affordable upgrades for your residential renovation this weekend. You’ll be thrilled with the results and your bank account balance.

Paint the Interior

Ah, paint—the number one way to freshen up a home’s look on a budget. Choose one room at a time to not overdo it, and invest in a quality paint that will go on thicker and easier than a cheaper version. It’s still a great budget option for residential renovations!

Upgrade the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and where people tend to congregate and spend a lot of time. Make it look pretty with a few easy updates for an effective residential renovation. Consider painting walls or replacing old wallpaper. If you want to make a dramatic change, paint the cabinets! 

Purchasing new hardware for the cabinets is also an attractive update. Don’t forget to clear as much clutter from the countertops as possible. 

Tackle any Repairs

Take a good look at your home and note any repairs that need to be done. Research it online if you think you can DIY it, or call a professional if it’s too complicated. Touch up wall damage with spackle, cover up old leaks spots on the ceiling, recaulk around windows and doors and replace broken light fixtures. 

Many residential renovations start with crossing off those old maintenance to-do lists that you’ve been putting off.

Remove Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings give your home a dated look, although they are easy to remove. The only danger in this residential renovation is that asbestos may be lurking in the plaster. Call in a professional to check. Once you have the all-clear, scrape off the popcorn and repaint. Voila! Beautiful new ceilings in a snap!

Refresh the Yard

You’ve heard of curb appeal but may not understand its importance. The exterior of the home and yard is the first thing people see to assess your property’s condition. Be sure to make a great first impression. 

Try planting new shrubbery, trees, and flowers. If your lawn needs some TLC, reseed it and spray on fertilizer to get it up to par. Make sure the grass is receiving enough water. The yard is an essential residential renovation that ups the value of your home.

Makeover the Bathrooms

A full bathroom makeover would be nice, but if it’s not in the cards right now, do what you can. Painting or adding wallpaper can really jazz up a bathroom. Update the lighting, buying a fancy showerhead, paint cabinets and replace old faucets and hardware. 

Update the Entryway

Similar to the yard, a tired, ugly entryway to your home makes a poor impression. Freshen it up by painting or restaining the door and making sure the porch light works and is attractive. Then add some personality with a fun doormat, potted plants, and wreath.

Organize the Closets

Do you hate your overstuffed, unorganized closets? Whether it’s a linen cupboard, bedroom, or even pantry, choose to focus on a closet or two this weekend and whip them into shape! It may seem simple, but clean, well-sorted closets are an essential residential renovation that can make a great difference.

Many homeowners dread residential renovations because of the time, headache and expenses involved. But pick one of these jobs, maybe ask a friend to help, and get going this weekend. The refresh will make you want to start the next project. And the next!

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