Top Reasons People Choose to Remodel Their Home

Author: James Adkins

Are you planning a home remodel soon? I bet it’s for one of the following reasons!

Every year, millions of homeowners decide to update their houses in a significant way. In 2020, remodeling services were swamped as the pandemic kept people at home more and wanting to update and expand to make themselves comfortable.

The online remodeling forum Houzz reported that home expansions and additions increased 52% in 2020, and kitchen and bath remodels jumped up by 42%. Here’s a good idea of why:

1. Need a New Look

Oh, vanity! But updating the look of a home isn’t just for vanity’s sake. Homeowners feel embarrassed when their house looks dated and shabby. There’s no shame in wanting to be proud of your remodeled home, and that pride gives people comfort. 

And why shouldn’t you feel pride in your most valuable asset? Cars, wardrobes, and tech gadgets come and go (how many phones have you had in the last ten years?), but a home is an achievement to many. A status symbol, even. 

If you are looking to update your home, contact a reputable contractor who offers remodeling services. Then you’ll know your baby is in good hands.

2. Increase Home’s Value

But if you’re going by the bottom line, many remodels just plain make (dollars) and sense! A home that has been remodeled with additional square footage, more closet space, a cook’s kitchen, or a luxury master suite will undoubtedly demand a greater price than an older, outdated home. 

Extensive remodeling services, such as adding a 3-car garage or second story, should be undertaken by a professional. You want to make sure all additions are up to code and done right, not to make trouble for yourself down the road.

3. Lifestyle Upgrade

As families age and find themselves climbing the career ladder, it’s natural to want an increase in lifestyle. That starts at home! Remodeling services such as a gorgeous master bath, gourmet kitchen, or new home gym are desirable and within reach. According to home experts, the average remodel project costs around $11,000. 

That’s nothing compared to a new sports car! A couple advanced in their careers can usually afford a few home projects at that scale. But be sure to use an experienced contractor when seeking complex remodeling services. 

4. Safety Issues

Unfortunately, some home remodels are because of serious safety issues. It may be as simple as worn carpeting that presents a tripping hazard or stairs with an unstable step or two after decades of use.

But sometimes remodeling services are needed when safety issues are dangerous. A home with asbestos contamination or stability issues due to age may need urgent and careful updates for the health and safety of its residents. 

5. Damage

Home damage can come from a variety of sources. A plumbing issue that ruins flooring or walls can cause much damage. Natural disasters, including flooding, fire or tornados, can cause extensive problems requiring a professional’s help. 

In many cases, your insurance agency will cover part or all of the necessary remodeling services. Of course, major damage is not a reason for rejoicing when a remodel is essential.

6. Family is Expanding

On a much happier note, some families choose to remodel their home because they add additional members…like a baby! Creating a nursery is a widespread reason to seek remodeling services.

Additionally, families may expand by taking in a grandparent who needs assistance due to age. A bedroom and bathroom addition on the main floor is beneficial in this situation. 

As you can see, homeowners choose to remodel their houses for a variety of reasons. But remember, if your remodel is complicated, such as adding additional square footage, rearranging plumbing or wiring, or converting an attic, be sure to seek out a professional experienced in remodeling services. Then get ready to enjoy your refreshed home!

James Adkins

22 years in commercial, industrial, and residential construction roles solving a broad array of building, construction and real time application challenges.

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