6 Home Features That Will Add Value to Your Property

Author: James Adkins

Building a new home is very exciting, but it also comes with many decisions. Homeowners must consider what features will meet their current needs. But it’s also helpful to think of designs that will add the highest value to the home for down the road. 

Why break the bank for a feature you love if you are unlikely to get any significant return on it in the future?

For instance, a new pool sounds enticing, but if your children are already in high school, how much use will the pool get before you become empty nesters? What elements of a home are attractive to buyers down the road? When deciding on what features your new residential construction should have, keep in mind the following high-value choices. 

1. Gourmet Kitchen

Always on the list of essential rooms in a home, a kitchen is the center of a modern home. This wasn’t always the case, but in the past few decades, the open concept trend has made the kitchen the star. So make it shine!

A gourmet kitchen features high-end appliances that are beautiful AND functional, a large number of specialty cabinets, gorgeous lighting, and handsome countertops. Quartz is a current countertop favorite as it is durable and attractive. Your best bang for the buck in new residential construction will frequently be the kitchen.   

2. Storage Space

Another favorite way to add value to your home during a new build is to have lots of storage space. Walk-in closets with shelving and multiple rods for hanging are in high demand, particularly in the master suite. Kitchen pantries and linen storage near bathrooms are also highly prized.

Laundry rooms with shelving or cabinets keep families organized, while a space to store muddy shoes and jackets near an entryway is a winner. Ample storage space in new residential construction is sure to be hit.

3. Home Office

Particularly in 2020, many families realized the importance of having a home office. Remember, an office simply needs a desk, chair, natural lighting and privacy. If you don’t want to take up a whole room for a permanent office, consider putting a daybed in the space if you have guests.

But a large room that has two desks and ample shelving for a dual office can really pay off in your new residential construction. Many adults only work at home occasionally, and a large room could be shared as long as one person used a headset for calls.

4. Gym

A new residential construction feature that has also recently become a trend is a home gym. Again, during COVID-19, many people with gym memberships were stuck at home for months. It is rarely ideal weather to work out in the garage or back patio, so home gym interest has exploded.

Again, you could share the room with occasional guests, or even an office. But make no mistake, gyms in new residential construction are very popular.

5. Theatre Room

Theatre rooms aren’t as popular as they once were, as we can now watch movies on our phones or tablets anywhere we want. But a movie night at home with a large screen is enjoyable and can add a good deal of value to your new residential construction home.

Consider using a second den or basement as a theatre room. Just add a big screen, speakers, projector, and a large, cozy couch. Bring down some snacks and enjoy!

6. Three-Car Garage

Similar to the storage issue above, three-car garages are very popular. Not just for an extra vehicle, but for the opportunity to house bicycles, skateboards, lawn equipment, and anything you need easier access to than the attic allows. 

Homeowners building new residential construction can help themselves out and ensure an easy home sale in the future with this handy feature. Additionally, garages are expensive to add on after the home is already built.

There are a variety of standout home features that will make your life easy, as well as make your house easy to sell down the road. If you’re considering new residential construction, make sure you include a few of these items, and you’ll be happy you did.

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