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5 Questions to Ask Your Contractor

When it comes to construction, you want to make sure you have a qualified and dedicated team. Whether it is for your personal home or commercial business, there are some questions you should ask. Here are five:

Will I have the same team each day working on my job? 

Why does this matter? Well having the same team working on your property is going to ensure two things. First, you will be able to build up trust and a relationship when you see them each day. After all, it is your place and you do not want new strangers coming in and out each day. Second, communication will run a lot smoother. You will be able to talk to the same project manager each day and when you want something specific, all the workers will know your request. You will not have to remind and tell the construction team over and over.

What is your workday like? 

This is one of the most important questions to ask! Their workday will also affect yours. Knowing their approximate start and end time will let you know when you should/shouldn’t be around. You will also find out if you need to move anything that is in the way of their work. Not to mention, you will figure out what the daily noise level will be like. Construction can be noisy and there is no way around it! However, knowing when the noise is going to occur is a great way to warn neighbors and your business visitors. 

Do you have a clean-up process at the end of each day? 

You may not know this, but not all contractors clean up the job sites at the end of each working day. If they do not, you probably do not want to work with them. A quality contractor will always make sure things are cleaned up at the end of the day so there are no rusty nails or garbage laying around your property. Just because you are under construction does not mean your place should look like a junkyard each night! 

What is the payment schedule? 

Figuring this out beforehand will save you from any surprise bills. The way contractors handle payment will vary so this is something you should ask upfront. This way the communication line is open and you both know what to expect. 

How should I get in touch with you? 

Have you noticed a common theme in these questions? Communication. Communication, communication! This is what will make your job project run smoothly and ensure you will get everything you want out of the project. This is also a great time to give your contractor a way to contact you in case of questions or emergencies. 


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