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Office Bathroom Renovations

While office bathrooms don’t play a pivotal part in the success and maintenance of a business venture, they do play a crucial role in the comfort of one’s employees, coworkers, and clients. When considering remodeling or renovating an office bathroom, employers should keep the safety, comfort, and convenience of their employees and clients in mind. Here are some features and tips every office should incorporate when renovating their office bathrooms:


Longer Doors

Bathroom stall doors are infamous for being too short and uncomfortably revealing. Other stall doors may reach close enough to the ground but are shorter than head-height and are easy to glance over. To protect the privacy of your employees and clients, invest in high-quality materials that will reach high enough and extend close enough to the ground to ensure comfort and promote a safer atmosphere in office restrooms.

Automated dispensers and faucets

Because of modern technological advances and the knowledge of easily spreadable diseases or viruses, automated dispensers are becoming a widely-accepted trend for bathrooms in public areas, such as offices, schools, or restaurants. Automatic or motion-sensory soap dispensers, faucets, and paper towel dispensers eliminate excessive and possibly contaminated human contact, preventing the spread of disease. These devices will help users feel at ease, help safeguard them from potential sickness, and contribute to an overall cleaner atmosphere at your work location.

Eliminate spaces and cracks

Bathroom stalls are notorious for inconveniently large spaces and cracks between doors, hinges, etc. These spaces can often be easily peered into and make most people uncomfortable. Examine the design and build of your contractor’s bathroom stalls and invest in cubicles that are sealed, private, and well-built.

Quality tile

Cracked, cheap, or ugly tile will make the office restroom feel dirty, grimy, and unpleasant, even contributing to an atmosphere of unease. Consider purchasing unadorned, easily cleanable tiles for the restroom floor that are durable and will not crack or stain.

Warm lighting

Bathrooms with cold, harshly contrasting lighting can make the area feel cheap, uncomfortable, and garish. Consider installing warm-toned lights that will give a soft, gold-ish hue to the room instead of a cheap blue or searing white. Warm-toned shades are part of modern design trends, will help employees and clients feel more at ease, and will contribute to a safer-feeling atmosphere.

Doors that don’t require a handle

To prevent the spread of germs and diseases, employers should install bathroom entrance doors that do not require a handle. Heavy swinging doors are a good option that can be pushed open without skin-contact and can fall closed on their own.

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