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Manatee County Small Business of the Year Award Finalist

Every year Manatee County awards a business that has embodied characteristics of success, entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and community-mindedness. We are pleased to announce that Adkins Building & Construction is featured as a finalist for the Small Business of the Year award this year.


Manatee county awards businesses that have demonstrated the capability to not only stay in business but grow their business and improve their reputation. 

Adkins Building & Construction has exemplified small business success. Our company continues to service clients in their private residential projects to larger commercial and industrial endeavors.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Starting and operating a small business is challenging. To maintain business, companies must be creative, adaptable, and resourceful. On top of this, there must be an unwavering dedication to success. 

Adkins Building & Construction has managed to not only rise to the challenge of competing against much larger companies with fewer assets on hand but has been able to do so throughout various economic challenges, including unprecedented supply shortages and health crises. 


Small businesses do not have the established brand and assets larger businesses can afford. For these reasons, innovation is an imperative quality if a business, especially a small business, is going to succeed. 

Adkins Building & Construction has addressed new challenges with a unique creativity that has allowed them to compete for various projects. These projects include new builds for commercial, residential, or industrial projects; home remodeling for upgrades and age and disability adaptability; and coastal construction projects requiring materials to be transported to worksites in unconventional ways.


Manatee county recognizes the necessity of positive community engagement in a business’s operation. Our company not only participates in normal economic development, providing jobs and capital for the support of the local economy but also engages in the community in other ways.

The event will take place on Tuesday, October 5th, at 4:00 PM. Guests can find the Performing Arts Center at 502 3rd Avenue West in Bradenton, Florida. 34205

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