Top 5 Home Upgrades You Need to Keep Your Aging Parents Safe

Author: James Adkins
Home Upgrades

Your parents have spent their whole lives taking care of you; now that they’re aging, it’s your job to take care of them. Caring for an elderly parent and worrying about their safety can be physically and mentally draining. By taking certain steps, however, you can find ways to keep your parents safe. Consider implementing the five following home upgrades:

  • Install a chairlift.

If your parent is having trouble taking on stairs, it could be time to install an electric chairlift. Chairlifts are easy to operate and decrease pressure on the knees and joints. If your parent is living in a split-level or multiple-floor home, they’ll likely need a chairlift to continue life around the house while maintaining mobility.

  • Cover outdoor stairs with a sturdy ramp.

Outdoor stairs are just as tricky to navigate as indoor stairs. Because outdoor stairs often blend into patio designs, it can be difficult for the elderly to locate the stairs by sight, often resulting in injurious trips or fatal falls. Adverse weather conditions, too, can make outdoor stairs a perilous escapade for the elderly; slickness from rain, ice, and snow increases the chances of falling. 

Consider adding a grated ramp over outdoor stairs. The grated texture will help provide traction and prevent slips; the gradual incline will help the elderly slowly reach their destination without taking quick, sharp movements that could be painful or strenuous.

  • Install a walk-in bathtub.

Walk-in bathtubs have risen in popularity because of their easy entrance and accessibility. Often equipped with built-in seats and secured with a swinging door, walk-in bathtubs eliminate the need to climb over the bathtub edge and provide a seat so that the individual does not have to fully lay-down. These bathtubs are an optimal choice for elderly individuals suffering from imbalance and joint pain.

  • Secure stairs and hallways with railings.

For those prone to falling and tripping, consider securing stairways and hallways with railings. Elderly individuals can catch themselves before hitting the ground, thus avoiding bone breakage, bruising, concussion, and, in severe cases, death. Railings offer an affordable way to secure high-risk areas without compromising the house’s appearance.

  • Install a home-phone system.

If your parent is uncomfortable with using modern technology, consider installing a home-line phone system at their house. They can use their home-phone system to call you in an emergency and get help in the event of a fall or serious accident.

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