How to Improve Your Office Space in 2020

Author: James Adkins
Office Space

 With many offices temporarily closed due to COVID-19 and CDC restrictions, business owners and office workers are wondering how to move forward. One important step towards reopening is making sure that your office space best fits the needs of your workers while keeping others safe. As part of the continuing effort to promote small business, ensure worker safety, and maximize customer satisfaction, here are some ways business owners can improve their office space in 2020:

Clear Out the Clutter:

Office spaces should be areas that promote focus, productivity, and contribute to a positive work environment. Any machine, furniture, or display that doesn’t encourage positive collaboration and growth should be nixed. Consider removing excessive, outdated, or worn furniture, desks, or chairs. Consider replacing outdated, clunky machinery or equipment with updated, spacially-effective technology. Encourage employees to get rid of any trash and personal items such as Tupperware, faded plants, and old recyclables. Clearing out unnecessary items is the first step toward creating a maintaining an appropriate office atmosphere.

Implement Health Guards/Safety Measures:

Businesses and restaurants that meet CDC criteria should install protective gear/measures to keep their employees and customers safe. These measures can include erecting glass or plastic windows or sheets between employees and customers. Businesses can also designate how far apart customers should be when waiting for assistance with tape or floor decals. Consider installing several hand-sanitizer dispensers at desks, by doors, outside of bathrooms, and by drinking fountains.

Encourage Cleanliness:

 Offices should take care to encourage their employees to maintain healthy lifestyles within and without the office. Encourage employees to regularly sanitize their desk space, keyboard, mouse, and computer. Post signs reminding employees to wash their hands upon exiting a bathroom. Regularly sanitize drinking fountains, door handles, and light switches. Communicate with janitorial staff about cleaning standards and expectations to keep employees, janitors, and customers safe. Implement policies that make it easier for sick employees to stay home without feeling pressured to come to work; these actions could, in turn, cause other employees to contract an illness.

Stay Up-To-Date:

 If circumstances permit, businesses should consider 2020 as an opportune year to modernize their facilities. With employees now working from home in large numbers, this is an appropriate time to make necessary carpet renovations, seismic restructuring, layout alterations, etc. Use this time to make necessary changes that will have a big impact on employee morale and customer satisfaction.

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