Marketing Your Property: Increase Your Curb Appeal with Adkins Building and Construction

Author: James Adkins

Marketing Your Property: Increase Your Curb Appeal with Adkins Building and Construction

As a prospective landlord, you’ve taken the necessary steps to remodel, clean, and refine your property to a marketable quality. The next step in the renting process is to market your property to attract applicants. Eventually, this process will lead you to select a candidate and find tenants for your property.


Here are some effective ways to advertise your property:


Work with an Agency

When you enlist your property with a property agency, they will have direct access to potential applicants and will be able to give you direct connections to possible tenants. Agencies will advertise and organize all of your information, putting your property in the best possible light to peak the interests of those seeking their advice.


Rental Listing Brochure

Create a brochure or flyer that includes photos and details of your property, including floor plans. Leave this with rental agencies, newspapers, or local listing boards to spread the word and capture the attention of potential tenants.


Yard Signs

If permissible in your neighborhood, set up yard signs advertising the property. These signs should be basic and uncomplicated so people will notice and be able to process all of the necessary information quickly. Be sure to include your name and phone number.



Several online platforms will advertise your property at extremely low to no-price at all. By uploading your property information with high-quality photos to any of the following websites, you will reach a wider demographic of people through the internet and media use:


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