3 Outdoor Home Renovation Ideas for the Summer

Author: James Adkins
Home Renovation

Summer is approaching, and with it, free time. As workloads lessen and the warm weather draws you outside, a home renovation project could be the perfect summer pastime. Here are few outdoor renovation projects of all sizes to try this summer!

Simply Repaint 

Perhaps the color scheme of your home doesn’t quite match the landscape of its environment, or maybe your home could use a more energetic tone. Perhaps your current paint job is chipped or faded and needs a refresher. Whatever the case may be, consider investing in high-quality paint for your home! Use complementary colors to make your home stand out or neutral colors to simplify the look. If your home appears small or cramped, use white paint to create a sense of space and openness. For individuals with an affinity to nature, apply warm tones such as navy blue, forest green, or burnt sienna to capture the essence of nature or earth. If you have a limited amount of time to complete the project, enlist family members, friends, and neighbors to help you repaint. Accent your newly repainted home with shutters, drapes, and doorstep decorations to increase curb appeal and create a look that you will love.

Walkway Makeover

Most homes feature walkways that lead to a home’s front porch or patio. These walkways may be constructed of concrete, asphalt, brick, concrete, rubber, or other materials. Depending on the layout of your walkway, an update may be simple or elaborate, quick or time-consuming. Before beginning a walkway renovation, carefully consider different aspects of the potential footpath, such as texture, color, style, and durability. Brick and stone are extremely durable and versatile materials that can be customized to match the theme of any home, while asphalt, concrete, and rubberized pavers are slightly less adjustable. Asphalt is an ideal choice for individuals working with a small budget, although other materials may last longer and ultimately save cost. Stone pathways are optimal for natural-looking homes in highly populated areas. If your walkway is outdated or damaged, consider devoting your summer free time to a walkway makeover!

Lighting Systems

As the summer heat reaches its peak, cool late-night gatherings on the patio become a luxury, and proper lighting systems are essential in their success. Reliable lighting systems are not only a great source of monetary value for your home but also a significant contribution to its aesthetic appeal. Lighting features such as lanterns, post lights, wall sconces, and motion sensor lights all serve unique purposes that may add to the theme of your home. If you’re looking for a simple home renovation project to liven up your home this summer, considering installing a new lighting system or adding light fixtures to your home.

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