Which Room Should You Remodel First?

Author: James Adkins
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Have you been living in your home for years and need a major update? Maybe you’re moving into a fixer-upper, and the majority of the rooms will need to be remodeled. Typically, most homeowners don’t have the budget to remodel everything at once, so you’ll need to decide which area to renovate first. Here are a few considerations to think about before deciding which room to remodel first. 

Which Remodel Will Increase Your Home’s Value?

Often when choosing which space to remodel first, you’ll want to select the room that will recoup the remodeling costs and make actual equity. This is the reason why experts in Bradenton agree that choosing to remodel your kitchen or bathroom first is typically the smartest move. While kitchens typically cost more to update than baths, they tend to yield a greater R.O.I., so they end up paying for themselves in the long term. But which renovations should you make to your kitchen and bathroom?

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

This depends on your kitchen or bathroom’s current condition, so do a little bit of calculating here. If you spend a specific amount on the whole remodel but won’t get a return on investment, then it might not be worth it. When remodeling your kitchen, sound investments include upgrading to stainless steel appliances, installing new granite or quartz countertops, replacing or painting your cabinets, and installing new hardwood floors. You might even be able to reduce remodeling costs by refurbishing your existing floors. All of which can be done by local Bradenton Building and Construction professionals

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

For bathroom remodeling, new floors, vanities, and fixtures are all great investments. You might also be able to reduce remodeling costs by reglazing your tub rather than replacing it. In the bathroom, details make a difference. Easy upgrades like upgrading your cabinet knobs or adding a shiny new sink faucet can have a profound effect.

Where Do You Spend The Majority of Your Time?

Another factor to consider when deciding which area to redesign first is where you and your family spend the most time. Maybe you’re sure you’re going to be living in this home for many years to come, and resale isn’t a top concern right now. You know you’ll remodel everything before you move. If that’s the case, you may not wish to remodel the bathroom before the living room, regardless of the resale value. Or perhaps the idea of regularly enjoying a relaxing bath in the evenings is high on your priority list. In that case, you might want to remodel your bathroom before your kitchen. 

How Much Inconvenience You’re Prepare To Endure

However large or small, any sort of contemporary remodel comes with a certain amount of inconvenience and disruption to your life. Which room in your house will you have the most struggle giving up for an extended time? You’ll have to weigh the room remodeling inconvenience against your general desire for an upgraded space.

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