What determines the cost of rent?

Author: James Adkins
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Quality property management companies will always strive to achieve the maximum rent prices possible for their landlord clients. Amidst a changing economy, landlords must have a knowledgeable ally that helps them determine the best possible cost of rent for their tenants to pay. The following wide-scale factors will play a significant part in deciding how much you can ask for when marketing your property for rent.


The demand for housing at the time you list your property will likely affect how much you can charge for rent. The need for housing accommodations in your area will be affected by the property location and seasonal influences. For example, cities that are home to major universities or colleges will invariably have a higher demand for housing in the fall than in the summertime. Suburban residential areas, however, could have a broader market in the summer when the weather is warmer and families can move without pulling their children out of school. 

Regardless of the seasonal or local influences in your area, the cost to rent a property will usually increase when there is higher demand and decrease when the need is low. 

Current Trends

When listing your property for rent, it’s advisable to research the costs at which other landlords are offering housing accommodations. To get the highest income possible from your property, you must be willing to fluctuate with the ebb and flow of housing market economics. Researching other available properties in your area will help you get a general feel for the current market’s pricing. Discuss these available trends with a property management specialist to plan your rental charges accordingly.


The features and amenities you advertise in your property will impact the price at which you should rent it. Properties that are larger (by the square foot) and can boast luxury or uncommon features will be able to justify higher rental charges.  Smaller homes with fewer amenities to offer will naturally charge lower prices. Discussing the features and elements of your rental with a property management specialist will inform you about your pricing options. They will help you make an educated decision that is in your best interests.

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