The Pros and Cons of Using a Custom-Build Contractor

Author: James Adkins
Custom-Build Contractor

In an era of increasing emphasis on individuality and personal self-expression, prospective homeowners are seeking alternative, unique ways to represent themselves. One crucial component of one’s lifestyle is their home, and it is becoming more and more popular to custom-build a one-of-a-kind house. To fulfill this demand in the housing market, higher numbers of custom-build contractors have cropped up and have navigated property-owners through the phases of designing and eventually building a custom, personalized house. If you’re considering designing and commissioning a custom-built home, you must be well-informed and aware of what you could encounter. Here are the top pros and cons of hiring a custom-build contractor for your next project:



  • Your house will be specifically tailored to your interests and lifestyle.
  • You can include unique features in your home design, such as a movie theater, indoor sports courts/swimming pools, etc.
  • You will be intricately involved in the planning and design process.
  • Your home’s unique assets could increase it’s property value, helping you to sell it at a higher price.



  • Custom builders cannot buy their supplies at retail bulk pricing. Because their expenses increase, your custom-home will subsequently be much more expensive to build.
  • Some construction companies act as model and custom-home builders. Because the crew will not be following a routinely-practiced pattern, there will be a higher chance that the situation could go awry. Enlisting the services of an experienced and well-reviewed company will, however, decrease the likelihood of mishaps.
  • You will have to hire a professional architect to test the designs of your home, adding additional expenses to your construction process.
  • Because of the individual and specified features of your home, it will appeal to a smaller demographic of homebuyers and will likely take longer to sell. You may have to lower the selling price to reach a larger group of potential buyers.


Whatever your decision, it’s wise to be mindful of the positive and potentially negative aspects of your project. For more information or suggestions, contact us today!

James Adkins

22 years in commercial, industrial, and residential construction roles solving a broad array of building, construction and real time application challenges.

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