Preparing Your Property For Rent

Author: James Adkins

As a property owner, you are continually seeking ways to benefit and earn from your land or property. As an owner of multiple properties, one effective way of earning an income is by renting out your extra housing property. However, there are several steps you should take to make sure your home is in a suitable condition before you begin advertising in the housing marketplace.

Yard Care
Your property’s exterior is what will strike potential renters first and create a memorable impression. Having a yard that is overgrown with weeds, turning brown, and full of dying, unruly plants will create an immediate negative association in the minds of your applicants. Do a thorough yard clean-up before you advertise your property. Consider hiring a lawn service or conducting the clean-up yourself. Be sure to weed, trim overgrowth, and properly remove any dead plants. Trim the grass and prune back trees to give your yard a manicured, polished look and to create a positive first impression among possible tenants.

Fix broken amenities 
Be sure that all the systems in your rental house are functioning correctly. This includes air conditioning, heating, and water heater units. Also, ensure that all plumbing and running water functions are working correctly. While these errors in these systems will not be noticeable when marketing your house, tenants will soon realize that an issue exists. Additionally, make sure that your rental property is in accordance with all local housing regulations to provide the best experience for your tenants and to avoid legal repercussions. 

Clean interior 
The home’s interior will stand out the most to potential applicants. When advertising or conducting open houses, interested persons will be able to see your property up-close and in detail, which will expose excessive grime or wear on the house. Before photographing the house’s interior for advertising and before conducting tours, consider hiring a cleaning service or doing a thorough sanitation process throughout the house. Fundamental cleaning procedures should include dusting all surfaces, washing the interiors and exteriors of the windows, and sanitizing all surfaces in the bathroom (including toilet, bathtub, and countertops). Vacuuming carpeted areas and sweeping hardwoods or tile will add a finishing touch and freshen up your property. If there are any other areas in obvious disrepair or that have noticeable stains, use appropriate cleaning methods to target these spots. While it is not necessary, you could also have your carpets deep-cleaned. This will withdraw any dirt or debris that remains hidden in the depths of your carpet. 

James Adkins

22 years in commercial, industrial, and residential construction roles solving a broad array of building, construction and real time application challenges.

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