Hurricane Season: Protecting Your Property

Author: James Adkins

Although this year’s hurricane season will soon be drawing to a close, it’s still important to be prepared in the event of a disaster. Hurricanes primarily affect residents of coastal states, causing widespread destruction and threatening human lives. If your home or rental property must be evacuated, there are some measures you can proactively take to protect your home.


Your property’s exterior is the most likely to be damaged by the torrential wind and rain that hurricanes cause. To minimize the damage, we advise tying down any potential debris such as trampolines, outdoor furniture, etc. Anything that could potentially become airborne should be stowed into a garage, shed, or be securely lashed down to the ground. Doing so will ground heavy objects that otherwise could smash into your house and break walls or windows.

Additionally, trees and bushes can produce debris when high winds occur. Be sure to trim any plants or tree limbs so that long branches do not fly into the house and damage your property’s exterior during high winds.

Before evacuation, it is also advisable to fortify any doors or windows on the premises. In severe situations, homeowners can board up their windows and doors to protect them from breakage and prevent flooding, to a certain point.


There are also measures you can take from the inside of your home or rental property that can assist in minimizing the damage of a hurricane. To prevent flooding, it is essential to calk all window and door frames. This will seal cracks and help prevent flooding.

It is also advisable to shut all doors and windows before the hurricane strikes. Do not open them during the hurricane; the only exceptions are rare emergency scenarios.

Homeowners should also remove valuable belongings and important personal/legal documents from their property in the event of an evacuation. Property owners should advise their tenants to do the same. 

James Adkins

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