7 Steps to be a successful Property Manager! #4 is mind blowing!

Author: James Adkins
Property Manager

Property Management is the most critical and often most overlooked aspect of a rental property business. To locate & secure the highest quality tenants for your rental properties, it’s crucial that you employ a dynamic, modern property management strategy. Adkins Group’s proven Rental Property Marketing Plan does just this with our 7 Steps to Success.

1) Valuable Social Engagement

We employ powerful social media platforms to promote your rental properties. We go beyond promotional content and provide value to your prospective and current tenants with our entertaining perspectives and honest discussions.  The content we post and share on social media includes neighborhood events, maintenance tips, and interesting local stories. We want to give our visitors a reason to engage with the content we post. Once we meet with a prospective tenant, we begin building awareness and trust with the individual.

2) Renovate to Increase ROI As a Licensed Contractor

We can design a quality renovation to suit your property’s needs and your individual investment goals. Kitchens, bath, roofing, A/C, paint, flooring, windows & doors, plumbing, electrical and landscaping, we do it all! Invest in your properties to maximize ROI.

3) Neighborhood Guide

Your rental properties have a lot to offer, but sometimes that’s not enough to secure the absolute best tenants. We also need to help some prospective tenants imagine themselves living in the community. When that’s the case, we can assemble a ‘neighborhood guide’ that highlights the best attributes of the area, such as exciting events, unique stores, and nearby restaurants. If you have properties in areas we aren’t familiar with, we’ll use online review sites, local publications, and tourist websites to find information. If you have current tenants in the area, we’ll find out where they spend their time and tailor our message to meet their needs.

4) Create a Video Tour

Photos are a MUST, but they don’t show the whole picture of your rental property. We want future tenants to be able to imagine themselves living in your unit. Therefore, we create a video tour that walks the tenants through the property from start to finish. We may discuss any unique characteristics of your rental unit, and throughout the video, we emphasize the exclusive features of the property. We then post this video to social media, websites, search engines, and blogs to maximize your exposure to the absolute best tenants.

5) Mobile Optimized Listings

Your prospective tenant pool has a smartphone adoption rate of 90%! We live in the Digital Age, and our future tenants are searching for a new home, specifically on their smartphones and tablets. If your listing isn’t mobile-optimized, they will immediately leave. We create a mobile-optimized listing that highlights the best parts of your property. We guarantee that your pictures and videos are optimized for mobile viewers with easy to read text.

6) Strategic Open House

A perfectly planned open house will create an atmosphere of competition and scarcity among the tenant prospects. Almost like a pack of hyenas around one lonely antelope. We leverage these impressions into higher prices and better quality tenants.

7) Add Incentives

Have you noticed the “1/2 Off First Month’s Rent!” or “Newly Renovated” advertisements from your competitors around town? These are great examples of what we mean when we say, incentives. What your competitors are doing is getting a higher engagement from their desired audience. We strongly advise you to add incentives to your listing. Incentives will get more people to your open house, more traffic on your listings, and a speedy sale to your listing. Why are you waiting? We want to fill your vacancy as soon as possible! Contact Adkins Group today! Call us at (941) 896-3012 or visit us at adkinsbuilt.com


Tenant Procurement fee equals 8% of Gross Lease Value.
Property Management Fee equals 10% of monthly lease value.
6-month tenancy guarantee (excluding Military Transfers). Should a tenant that Adkins Florida Group procured and placed into the property vacate due to unforeseen circumstances we will re-rent the property at no additional cost to you.

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