Church of the Annunciation

Adkins Building & Construction took on a challenging project to preserve the historic Church of the Annunciation in Holmes Beach, FL. With our expertise, we successfully performed vital structural repairs on the notable bell tower, as well as the building itself. These renovations included reinforcing the foundation and correcting any structural damage to ensure the church’s stability and longevity for years to come.Moreover, we placed an emphasis on the exterior of the church, making significant improvements to the portico’s appearance and functionality. Our team used top-quality materials to achieve a more polished and beautiful finish, and also provided an extensive overhaul of the church’s exterior walls, providing a fresh coat of paint to enhance the church’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Throughout the entirety of the project, Adkins Building & Construction ensured that the unique architectural elements of the church remained intact, preserving the building’s rich history and cultural significance to the community. This project stands as a testament to our exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, ultimately culminating in a stunning result.