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5 Features that Should be Part of Your Luxury Home

Everyone has specific visions and ideas about what their dream home looks like. However, when trying to bring these ideas to life, most homeowners struggle. Most people tend to fixate on the smaller elements and forget to factor in the bigger features. This may potentially impact their lifestyles. Here is a list of 5 important features that all luxury homeowners must consider:

1 Functional Amenities

You may feel tempted to choose several extravagant amenities offered by modern builders. However, it’s important to be careful and choose ones that suit your budget and actually suit your needs. For instance, if you have kids, pets, seniors or people with disabilities living with you, it may be a good idea to invest in skid-proof flooring and other safety features.

2 Insulation

Insulation is critical to maintaining your residential comfort and safety levels especially if you live in a bigger, multi-floor home. Additionally, it reduces your heating and cooling costs and helps soundproof the house. Many home buyers overlook this important aspect and then end up dealing with consequential issues later on.

3 Choosing the Right Flooring

It’s best to seek professional guidance when you’re trying to choose flooring material for your home. Larger floor tiles are typically bulkier and more expensive than smaller tiles. However smaller tiles usually offer more precision and are more durable. Similarly, natural stones are more expensive than engineered surfaces for walls, but it is pertinent to discern whether stones would give you all the properties you want. Choosing the correct type of wood for your flooring must be factored in too.

4 Painting

The color, texture and type of paint you choose can make all the difference where your home’s aesthetics is concerned. For instance, tonal whites and other light shades can give your home a spacious, bright, airy look. Conversely, dark shades can add richness and vibrance to your space.

The quality of the paint you choose is another vital consideration. Good quality interior paint can last for up to 10 years and exterior paint for up to 7 years. While high quality, weather-resistant paint is expensive, it could end up being a great investment. Also, consider the climate and other geographical conditions in your area when choosing paint for your luxury home.

5 Smart Home Features

A luxury home is incomplete without modern-day smart home features. Since the need for protection and security is higher, most luxury homes now have AI-powered security and automation features that can help homeowners control their home appliances, devices and other systems using smart technology. Not only do smart home features like smart window blinds, security alarms and automated temperature control systems improve home safety, but they also make life much easier for you.

Luxury homes are more expensive to custom build and usually have much higher curb value. So, if you are planning to construct a luxury home, then it’s best to work with experienced contractors who have the capacity and expertise to handle your construction project.

Adkins Building and Construction specialize in helping clients with residential and commercial building projects. We understand that a lot of planning, work and thought goes into constructing a luxury home and are prepared to take on the challenge. Visit our website or call at (941) 896-3012 to learn more. 

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